Named after one of the founders of Carbon Sports, the ?Obermayer? is a development of the wheels Lightweight are best known for, the Standards.

When money is no consideration and German carbon engineers are given ?carte blanche?, this is what they produce. With a headline-grabbing weight of 927 grams for our test pair (and a price of £2,800), these wheels are incredibly light. To help achieve this, the rim profile of the Standard remains, but the wall thickness has been reduced and the quality of carbon-fibre improved.

At the rear, the DT hub is dropped in favour of a Tune Mag 160, which incorporates a carbon-fibre axle. Both hubs run a special bearing and grease to reduce weight and friction. Spoke count is 12 at the front and 20 at the rear.

Twist the bearings off the bike and they?re noticeably smoother and lower in friction than any other we?ve used. Feel was very similar to the Standards, with a small amount of lateral flex and just a hint vertically that removed the worst of the road vibration.

When loading-up the 12-spoke front on a slow and tight hairpin, such as when powering out of the corner, the flex was at its greatest and there was more movement than you would experience with an ordinary wheel, yet it didn?t hit the brake pad and our tester was right on the 80kg limit.

If light weight is your mission then the Obermayers are outstanding, but the cost is hard to reconcile with the real world.



At this end of the market the alternatives to the Lightweight Obermayers are few and far between. The Ventouxs, also from Carbon Sports, are comparable, or perhaps the LEW Racing Pro VT-1 at $5,500 or Mavic?s Cosmic Carbon Ultimate at £1,695.