Get it in 3: Cateye Econom lights

Cateye-Econom12th January 2011   Words: Matt Lamy

Econom? What’s that about?
The Cateye company is big on being green — it even has its own eco-friendly website, — and these lights are its latest attempt to get the most out of limited means.

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How does it do that?
Well, in a moment of technological genius, the centrally-mounted LED has been installed to face backwards, into the light reflector. This means there is no residual waste light — it’s all collected by the cone mirror and then directed exactly where Cateye wants, in a nice solid, bright beam.

Does it come cheap?
Very reasonable indeed. The standard battery version costs £39.99 and a rechargeable specimen is £59.99. Two AA cells should give you 10 hours’ use, and it knocks out a potent 1,000 candlepower.