Hunt Bike Wheels releases three sub-1500g carbon clincher disc wheelsets

Hunt Bike Wheels has taken advantage of the absence of braking surfaces to produce three new lightweight disc braked wheelsets

Hunt Bike Wheels says that its new 1338g 30Carbon Aero is the lightest road disc wheelset available built with conventional metal spokes (which rules out Lightweight’s £4500+ 1100g Meilenstein disc wheelset).

Building a robust set of carbon wheels is a tricky process if they’re rim braked. As well as having to deal with road shocks and spoke tension, the braking surface has to manage high temperatures – potentially over 100C on longer descents. Remove the braking element by building a disc-specific wheelset and you can build a lighter, more responsive rim which still does the job of supporting the tyre and managing the spoke forces.

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Hunt says its rim profile is designed to aid seating and sealing tubeless tyres

Hunt says its rim profile is designed to aid seating and sealing tubeless tyres

This is what Hunt Bike Wheels says it has done with its new 30Carbon Aero, 30Carbon Gravel and 50Carbon Aero disc wheelsets. With no braking surfaces to heat up the rim, Hunt has been able to use a lower temperature resin too. Its V:Absorbe formula is less brittle than a high temperature resin and so, Hunt claims, flexes more to absorb road vibrations and impacts.

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Hunt has also designed a new tubeless-ready rim profile, which it calls H-Lock. It says this helps with installation and sealing of tubeless tyres – often a tricky operation. It also helps ensure that the beads are held securely, which is especially important when running the lower pressures that its 30Carbon Gravel wheels in particular are likely to experience.

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At a claimed 1338g, Hunt’s 30Carbon Aero wheelset is the lightest of the three new wheelsets. It comes with 24 spokes front and rear and a 27mm external, 21mm internal width, to support wider tyres up to 50c with better grip and lower rolling resistance. Price is £999.

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30Carbon Gravel wheelset ups the spoke count to 28 to deal with rougher surfaces

30Carbon Gravel wheelset ups the spoke count to 28 to deal with rougher surfaces

Also £999 is the 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset. To handle rough surfaces, this increases the spoke count to 28, adding a little extra weight at a claimed 1489g. Recommended rider weight limit also increases from 95kg to 110kg.

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Finally, the deeper section 50Carbon wheels have a similar width and U-shaped rim to the 30Carbon Aero and come with 24 spokes. Their claimed weight is 1438g and the wheelset is priced at £1099.

All the wheels will work with different axle standards

All the wheels will work with different free hub and axle standards

All the wheels are available with Shimano/SRAM and Campag freehubs as well as SRAM XD. They handle quick release and 9mm, 12mm and 15mm thru-axles at front and quick release, 12x135mm and 12x142mm thru-axles at the rear. Rotor compatibility is Centerlock with 6-bolt adapters included.

There are full details on Hunt’s website. It’s currently accepting pre-orders for delivery towards the end of November.