SINCE it became popular to measure and train using power output rather than heart rate alone, power meters have remained an expensive luxury for most. They have all so far involved replacing a major component such as chainset, hub or bottom bracket with one that has inbuilt strain gauges. Challenging this method is the new iBike Oro by American company Velocomp.

Rather than measuring power using stress gauges, the iBike calculates power by measuring other factors such as speed and incline, using the weight of rider and machine. Consisting of a lightweight handlebar-mounted display and wired wheel sensor, the iBike unit is compact and simple to mount and set up.

The iBike looks like an interesting addition to the powermeter market. We currently have one on review and will let you know how it performs. It retails for £299.

Contact: Fitness Junky, 01933 226061, www.ibikesports.com.