A hybrid between a mini pump and a CO2 cartridge, Innovations? new Second Wind pump can inflate your tyre quickly up to 130psi using an 16-gram cartridge, or more laboriously, up to the same pressure using the manual pump.

Inflation of the CO2 is controlled with Innovations ?twist to inflate? technology, which simply involves screwing in the cartridge then turning a quarter-turn back to inflate the tube. When used as a manual pump, the cartridge doubles up as the handle for a more comfortable grip.

Available in both alloy and carbon, in 7in or 12in, each pump is Presta compatible only and supplied with a bottle cage mount bracket.

Second Wind 7in aluminium will cost £19.99; both carbon

versions cost £39.99, while the 12in aluminium option will retail for £24.99.

Contact: Zyro,