The Islabikes Imagine Project is the most inspiring thing you’ll see today (video)

Project aims to create bikes which can be rented to families, then refurbished when the child grows out of them

When we usually bring you news of a new bike, the manufacturer is usually trying to tell you how stiff it is or how comfortable it is or how light it is. But Islabikes is doing things a bit differently, selling its new bike based on its sustainability.

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Well, to put things more accurately, the company isn’t selling the bike at all. Instead, the Imagine Project will see Islabikes make children’s bikes that are then rented by families, and when the child grows out of the bike, the parents send the bike back to Islabikes which then renovates the bike before sending it out to another family.

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As well as providing families with bikes for their kids, the Imagine Project is about changing the way that people think about products in general, realising that the modern throwaway culture where products are chucked in the bin as soon as they stop working is putting an unsustainable toll on the planet’s resources.

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The initial range,which will be unveiled when the project is up and running (in the meantime you can register your interest here), will be simple utility bikes sitting alongside the company’s existing range, but the company is making the project open source, inviting contributors from outside to get on board and help the project to develop and grow

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