Lights, pumps, tools: Fabric extends its range

Fabric has just launched its new product ranges. As well as new offerings in its established areas of saddles and water bottles, the big news is its new lights, pumps and tools.

Fabric looks to innovate in design and manufacturing and rather than go to a bike light manufacturer its lights are produced by a dive light maker. This means that they should be really waterproof, but there are other twists – literally – to its lights.

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There’s a range of three commuter front lights with output of 150, 300 and 500 lumens priced at £36.99, £44.99 and £54.99 as well as front and rear 30 lumen safety lights at £27.99. In addition to the usual main light, there’s a set of four LEDS set into the top of the front lights’ barrel. These can be switched onto red to allow all the lights in the range to serve as rear lights or to white to act as a back-up strip-type front light. The output of these LEDs is lower than the main front beam, so that battery life is much longer and they can work as get-me-home lights if the battery starts to run low.

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Front lights can also act as front and rear safety/back-up lights

Front lights can also act as front and rear safety/back-up lights

There’s a clever bracket which can be switched from forward-facing to across the bars or seatpost dependent on which LED set you want to use. The dedicated 30 lumen rear safety light includes an accelerometer, which allows it to shine brighter or flash when you brake.

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Rear light contains an accelerometer to change brightness when braking

Rather than using a button to toggle between light levels and functions, the two higher output front lights use a dial at the of the barrel rear to change illumination pattern, which Fabric says makes them much easier to use with gloves on. All the lights are USB rechargeable, with the 150 Lumen variant using a built-in plug while the other lights have a cable port.


Minipumps feature a concealed hose

Minipumps feature a concealed hose

Fabric has also launched into pumps, with a range of different formats. There are two lengths of high pressure minipump (£24.99 and £29.99), which have a convertible presta-schrader head and a concealed hose. There is a high volume variant too for wider tyres and MTBs (£29.99). Fabric also has a “garage pump”, which is a larger sized piece with a separate hose, presta/Schrader compatibility and a wooden handle (£39.99) and a CO2 kit with an inflator and two levers (£19.99).

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Garage pump for a bit more welly

Garage pump for a bit more pre-ride welly

There will also be two track pumps available later this year: the lower spec (£44.99) has a composite base and handle while the higher spec version is made from upgraded materials (£69.99). They both have large gauges in their bases with easy to read dials and hoses double the pump’s length.

Expanded tool range

Multitools include these six and 16 tool variants

Multitools include these six and 16 tool variants

Fabric launched its Chamber multitool last year. It’s now been joined by a range of more traditional-looking multitools and a chain tool. All are CNC machined and have a lightweight aluminium body with curved edges for a more comfortable grip. They run from a six-tool, via an eight-tool (£17.99) to a 16-tool variant (£21.99).

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New bottles and saddles

Cageless bottle range now includes four options

Cageless bottle range now includes three options and a tool bottle

Elsewhere, the range of Fabric’s cageless bottles has increased. There’s now a 750ml (£11.99) and a 600ml insulated variant (£9.99). Fabric also has a tool kit bottle available (£12.99) with a separate inner sleeve to make sure that your tools don’t rattle around and scratch each other when you’re underway.

Tri saddle is now available with carbon rails

Tri saddle is now available with carbon rails

The Fabric saddle range also increases with a women’s gel saddle, a 142mm wide variant of the Line saddle which has a pressure relief channel and a new version of the tri saddle with carbon rails (£119.99).