After several years in development and having finally overcome some of the problems associated with carbon clinchers, Lightweight?s newest wheelset, the Lightweight ?C?, has at last been launched.

Based on the Standard model, this latest version has the same rim depth and spoke count options. Although tested by selected professional riders, the target market is more than likely to be the keen amateur or sportive rider who wants the performance benefits of the original standard wheel without having to carry several spare tubular tyres on rides.

The rim wall has always been the Achilles heel of carbon rims, with Carbonsports not wanting to release its version until it was fully satisfied with its strength. As is the case with the tubular version, the spokes run all the way from the rim top on one side to the opposite side.

While the manufacturing process is still a closely guarded secret, you can see how much care and attention has been taken when looking closely at the rim. The ?C? shares the same features as the rest of the range, and also comes at a similar price. Weighing 1,080g, and costing around £2,500, the ?C? goes on sale next spring.

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