Longer wheelbase? How about 35.79m?

New Guinness World Record for an extra-long bike put together in Holland

A longer wheelbase helps keep your bike’s handling more stable. But a group of Dutch cyclists has taken this to an extreme, building a bike which measures 35.79m long – or over 117 feet –and getting a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for their efforts.

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Here’s a Guinness Book of World Records video of the finished product being put through its paces.

Members of the Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg built the bike last September. It’s made of a motorcycle front end coupled to what looks like a road roller at the rear. It was a pretty chunky piece of kit to start with.

Then they put a theatre lighting rig – as used to hold up lights at outdoor events and concerts – between the front and rear ends. Then another. And another. And a few more. Although the rigs were made of aluminium, the finished bike wasn’t the lightest bit of kit, with the finished product coming in at around 600kg.

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The bike before its stretch treatment

The bike before its stretch treatment

They put the whole thing together on a quiet, flat, straight road and the stoker did his thing – the steerer didn’t have any pedals and didn’t seem to be doing much steering either, which is probably just as well as the turning circle must be enormous.

They rode it some 500 metres in front of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, just to prove that it was a working bike. We’re not sure what gear ratio it had at the back for the stoker to get it moving in the first place, but we assume pretty low.