Make any gloves work with a touchscreen with GloveTacts

New product could bring an end to your winter selfie woes

We’ve all been there. You’re out in apocalyptic conditions, covered in mud, and have just made it to the top of that brutal climb that you think twice about tackling even with great summer form. Your mates wimped out of the ride this morning, so you need to take a selfie to mark the achievement and show how hard your are while they sit at home eating cake on the sofa.

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The phone comes out, you tap at the screen, but nothing happens. Damn, those winter gloves don’t work on the screen. Oh well, everyone will just have to see what a hard rider you are based on Strava stats alone.

glovetacts 2

The GloveTacts can be applied to any glove

If that simply won’t do, then GloveTacts could be the solution. These are basically small patches of AXSuede fabric which you can simply stick onto your existing gloves, making them compatible with any smartphone screen, even in wet conditions.

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What’s more they’re said to work with any glove, no matter how insulated, and will “outlast your glove”, being machine washable too. Interested? Well, a pair will set you back $9.99 plus about $4 shipping to the UK (so about £10 in total).

Of course there are plenty of winter gloves that already offer touchscreen compatibility, but in our experience they can be a bit hit and miss, so if the GloveTacts work they seem like a good solution to all your selfie woes.

Visit the GloveTacts website for more details.