Meet the Invincible bike that will “end all bike theft”

Invincible bike comes with D-lock and anti-theft insurance

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that bikes get stolen, and especially if you use your bike to get to and from work, this can be both expensive and inconvenient. If this is something you’d rather do without, then the Invincible bike may well be for you, a bike that is claimed to be 100% guaranteed against theft”.

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This guarantee is down to the fact that not only do you get a bike, but also a Fortified D-Lock. And the company behind the bike is so confident in its security, that it will send you a replacement bike within 24 hours in case your own bike is stolen.

But what about the bike itself? Well it’s available in either single speed or 8-speed, depending on the terrain of the city that you’re riding it in, with a frame made of 6061 aluminium. It also features “anti-theft bolts” which should guarantee that none of your components are stolen either. Finally, if you’re locking the bike up outside in the rain, then the KMC chain is also zinc-coated, therefore preventing it from rusting.

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The single speed bike and lock will retail at $499, while the 8-speed bike and lock will be $849. However, if you back the project on Kickstarter, then you the cost will be just $399 or $699. The insurance that will allow you to get a replacement bike within 24 hours will cost a little extra, and there are also options to add front and rear lights, a pannier rack, and mudguards into the package too.

The Invincible bike is just over halfway towards its $100,000 crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, with 100 people already putting money towards the project. Expected delivery of the finished product is currently set for May 2016.

Visit the company’s Kickstarter page for more details.