Midweek most wanted: A beautiful Bianchi, Castelli kit, Lightweight wheels and much more

A sneak peek at the latest and greatest kit we've got in our office that we just can't wait to use

Midweek most wanted is back and with a broad range of products that we’re excited to show you tech lovers at home.

Check this out:

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Bianchi Pista

Originally, the Pista was a track bike (it still exists) but this model is for looking the business when commuting or urban riding.

The rear wheel has a flip-flop hub which we’re running in single speed (obviously) and the frame looks wonderfully Mad Max in a complete chrome finish.

At £850, it’s a fair whack for a city bike, but then beauty doesn’t come cheap.

Buy now: Bianchi Pista Steel at Tredz for £850

Lightweight Meilenstiens

We almost think these wheels might be too bling for us. They’re Lightweight’s Meilenstein Obermayer wheels and they’re crazy light.

They’re being put on Oliver Bridgewood’s hill climbing bike, and at 950g a pair they’ll probably float him up the hill.

They’re a really clever design that takes carbon to a whole new level. The spokes are laid up inside the rim and flanges are impossible thin.

Castelli Estremo gloves

The Estremo are some pretty heavy duty winter gloves from the Italian brand, designed for the very coldest conditions.

They’re made with Windstopper X-Fast material, so they’re windproof, waterproof and highly insulating. Meanwhile, a fleecy palm and silicon grippers ensures you don’t lose too much dexterity in you fingers.

C-Bear bottom bracket

C-bear are a dutch company that was founded on the belief that it can do better bearings.

Being easier to install, one of the companies founding principles was that it would have no add-ons or no adapters. Just press the bearing in and you’re away.

We’ve got a PF30 bottom bracket in and can’t wait to see how it fairs against the grim British winter.

Synchros three-in-one water bottle cage

The Synchros Matchbox Coupe is a tidy little mini pump, allen key and bottle cage combo from Synchros.

It’s a high pressure mini pump and the multi-tool has 10 functions plus it’s highly practical, freeing up loads of space in your jersey pockets for cakes.

Condor Caps

Caps are a part of the very fabric of cycling, similar to coffee, Instagram (maybe) or not actually riding and just talking about it.

These colourful offerings from Condor look the business on and off the bike, plus they help keep the rain out of your eyes. Good lucking and functional!

OTE Soya Protein drink

OTE’s Soya protein drink is perfect for those of us who don’t like to eat meat.

It’s made out of Soya, and its special formula involves zero meat or even animal products. It’ veggie, vegan, gluten free and tasty too.

Each sachet packs in 25g of protein which helps repair and recover your muscles after a hard workout.