More details of Wiggins’s Hour Record bike revealed

Details confirmed of the handlebars and pedals that Wiggins will use in his Hour Record attempt

After we were given the briefest of brief glimpses of Bradley Wiggins’s Hour Record bike last week, more details have emerged about the machine the four time Olympic champion will ride in his attempt this Sunday.

Pinarello is yet to give full details on the frame, although we’re pretty sure it will be a track version of the Pinarello Bolide time trial bike that Wiggins rode during his time at Team Sky, but we have now received confirmation of the handlebars and pedals to be used.

We’ll start with the most exciting of the two: the handlebars. According to, Wiggins will be using a custom pair of 3D printed titanium handlebars. These have been produced specifically for the record attempt, and will have been designed to keep Wiggins’s shoulders as narrow as possible while still keeping him in position that is comfortable enough to maintain for the full hour.

Wiggins's pedal by Andy Jones

Wiggins will be riding Speedplay’s new Zero Aero pedal

3D printed components and equipment could have huge potential in the cycling world, with the possibility of creating more intricate designs at a much lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods. We just hope Wiggins’s bars work a bit better than this 3D printed bike from a Canadian university…

For his pedals and cleats, Wiggins will be sticking with the long term partnership that he has had with Speedplay, using the company’s new Zero Aero pedals that he rode in his attempt at the British 10-mile time trial record last month, combined with the Zero Aero Walkable cleats.

It might seem odd to challenge for one of the most iconic records in cycling in a pair of cleats that are essentially designed to make it easier to walk in and out of cafes, but they also feature a dimpled surface (matched on the bottom side of the pedals) similar to a gold ball which should, in theory, create a turbulant layer of air that will stay close to the surface of the pedal and cleat for longer, therefore reducing drag.

Finally we’re told that Wiggins will be riding a white and black version of the Bolide in Pinarello’s video, no doubt with plenty of trademark target roundels adorning the frame.

Watch Andy Birdsall, Wiggins’s minute man, try to hold off the World Time Trial Champion.