New Grdian app has you covered if you crash

App automatically calls a 24/7 support centre if your smartphone's sensors detect a sudden change in momentum.

If you’re worried about what would happen if you were to crash when out riding, the just-launched Grdian mobile phone app might provide some reassurance.

The app uses your smartphone’s sensors to detect a possible emergency where there’s a sudden change in your momentum, such as would occur in a crash. This triggers the phone to automatically dial a dedicated 24/7 operator-manned support centre and switch to speakerphone.

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“The algorithm within the app has been developed to monitor energy not speed. I get asked this question all the time and no, we don’t record your speed, it is sudden peaks in energy that can hurt you and this is what the crash detection is monitoring continuously,” says Simon Drinkall, Founder of Grdian.

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The support centre operator will talk to the rider to ascertain if they need emergency assistance and if so initiate an emergency services call out. They will then stay on the line until help has arrived. The smartphone’s GPS will be used to determine the location of the incident, which will be communicated to the emergency services.

If the subscriber is unconscious and not answering, the operator will immediately call out the emergency services to the GPS location transmitted by the phone and then stay connected until assistance has arrived.

Grdian stores details of your medical history, which will be communicated to the emergency services in the event of a call-out. It also keeps contact details for relatives, who will be alerted to an incident.

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As well as automatic dialling, the Grdian app has a shake-to-call function, where shaking the phone brings up a call button on the screen, and one-touch dialling to connect to the support centre and summon assistance. It’s an always-on app, which starts to monitor your situation as soon as you are travelling at over 2.5mph.

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The functionality has been tested by the Cranfield Impact Centre which provides safety testing and an occupant simulation service for more than half the current Formula 1 teams, amongst others.

The app has just been launched on Google Play for download to Android phones and will be available for Apple devices later in 2016. A subscription to Grdian’s service costs 99p per month and there’s no minimum contract duration.

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