New Lightweight FERNWEG VR 60 wheel revealed at Challenge Roth

German high-end carbon fibre specialist Lightweight has unveiled its new FERNWEG VR 60.

Lightweight’s wheels are popular and highly sought after in both top end time trialling and triathlon.

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The latest front wheel joins the existing successful FERNWEG line up. The FERNWEG VR 60, available in both tubular and clincher models, has a 60mm deep rim and is said to provide stable handling even in strong cross-winds.  In  theory, this should mean you are able to stay in an aerodynamic tuck for longer.

Lightweight FERNWEG_60_closup_01_small[2] copy

The FERNWEG VR 60 comes with a 60mm deep rim

Lightweight recommend combining the FERNWEG VR 60 with its existing FERNWEG 80 rear wheel. The tubular version of the FERNWEG VR 60 weighs only 625g and when combined with the FERNWEG 80 the wheelset weighs 1,420g. The clincher version of the FERNWEG VR 60 weighs an additional 85g.

Lightweight FERNWEG_60_side_small[3] copy

Lightweight’s wheels are renowned for their combination of stiffness and aerodynamics

Lightweight assert that by using its unique sandwich construction method, which consists of a special foam core and thin laminate walls in the actual rim, the rims have high lateral stiffness that can withstand high levels of torque. In addition, the closed rim construction means that water doesn’t get in when riding in the rain.

The pricing is expected to be similar to the existing FERNWEG line up. Production has already started!