Earphones are water, sweat and dust resistant and fit comfortably with most helmets and glasses


Veho’s earbuds are designed to work with glasses and helmets and include a remote

UK-based Veho has expanded its in-ear sports earphone range with the new ZS-3 earbuds, which it says are designed for an active lifestyle and good for gym, cycling, running, snowsports and other indoor and outdoor sports.

Veho says that the ZS-3 is waterproof, dustproof and sweat resistant with an IP64 rating. It incorporates a 10mm audio driver which Veho says gives them good base and crisp sound output.

The earbuds are designed to be non-slip so that they stay put in your ears and they come in sizes small, medium and large. The design includes a hook to fit over your ears and Veho says that it works comfortably with most helmets and goggles or glasses used for cycling and other sports.

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Veho says that the ZS-3’s cable is designed to be anti-tangle with a flat profile and there’s a clip to attach it to your clothing, so it doesn’t flap around as you move. There’s a standard 3.5mm Aux jack for compatibility with most devices.

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The earbuds incorporate an in-cable microphone and a remote control, so that calls can be taken hands free, you can switch music tracks or change play volume without needing to access your device.

The ZS-3 earphones weigh 26.5g and are priced at £29.95, with more details on Veho’s website.