New tubular cement from Vittoria

Anyone who finds that fitting a new tub has gradually become the highlight of their week will be disappointed to learn that Vittoria has today sounded the death knell for tubular cement – and saved a few road racers from addiction – by introducing Magic Mastik tubular adhesive.

Working with carbon or aluminium rims, the mastic comes in a pack of two 12ml tubes with their own spreader, which is enough to glue two tubs. Vittoria cites a number of advantages of their system. Only a single layer of mastic needs to be applied, saving time – and around 20 grams of rotating weight. The mastic is allowed to set for 12 hours and the wheels are ready to use.

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Vittoria claim that their applicator makes putting it on idiot-proof and any mess can in any case be removed with a wet rag. The mastic is derived from products for automotive use and has been developed by Vittoria’s R&D department, responsible for other novel Vittoria products such as their wheels and Pit Stop which repairs and inflates your tyres in one hit.

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They’ve tested its ability to hold the tub in place when cornering and claim that the mastic is heatproof too, working at low temperatures and remaining stable at up to 120 degrees. It’s not flammable either – ideal for demon descenders who’ve ever set light to their tyres in extreme braking situations.

The mastic will be available in retailers from May – the Euro price is €14.95; we don’t have a UK price yet.