New Zéfal Tubeless Tank helps seat tubeless tyres

Zéfal’s new reservoir should help get tubeless tyres set up that bit more easily

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Tubeless tyres are definitely a thing now, with more and more brands offering tubeless ready tyres and many OEM or aftermarket wheelsets having tubeless ready rims.

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But getting your tyres to seat can be a bit hit and miss. Some wheel-tyre combinations will inflate easily with a track pump, while we’ve had other combinations where the tyre simple won’t seat on the tubeless rim’s beads.

Foot operated lever releases the charged air

Foot operated lever releases the charged air

For more difficult tyres, a fast blast of air can do the trick and a number of pump makers now sell a reservoir pump. You pump air into a tank that is part of the pump until it reaches around 100psi, then release the pressurised air into the tyre. This is often enough to get the tyre beads to seat on the rim.

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Sealant in the tyre should then ensure an airtight seal.

But reservoir pumps tend to be expensive and bulky and most people will already have a track pump.

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So Zéfal has just introduced a separate reservoir. Called the Tubeless Tank, you pump air into it from your track pump. It has an aluminium tank that can take pressures of up to 16 Bar – that’s 230psi. A foot operated lever on top of the tank then releases the pressurised air into the tyre, hopefully seating it.

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Design folds up into a neat package for transport

Design folds up into a neat package for transport

It’s a simple and compact design with its hose folding up in its base for storage and includes an in-built carrying handle. Zéfal’s UK distributor Chicken Cycles is selling the Tubeless Tank with a retail price of £64.99.