An evolution of the Aerator shoe, the Aerlite is constructed with a Web Power Cage design, to hold the foot firm within the shoe and importantly pull the foot into the heel retention.

When pushing hard on the pedals this is imperative for effective pedalling. Three Velcro straps secure the foot.

It is worth mentioning that the shoe is a fairly wide fit. This offers plenty of room in the toe box but is not ideal for people with narrow or low-bridged feet as the upper needs to be pulled considerably to obtain a snug fit.

A nice feature was the material used in the heel cup, which allowed the foot to slide in but grip the heel when pulling up.

The air intake at the front helps to keep the foot at a comfortable temperature. The 8.4 stiffness rated carbon sole uses three layers of carbon and is incredibly thin, keeping the foot close to the pedal. Although not the stiffest it was hard to detect any really noticeable flex. DD

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Northwave Aerlite 3 shoes