One reason to seek out specialist aftermarket chainrings is to alter your gearing.

Italian set-up PMP specialises in titanium and ultra-lightweight bicycle components, including a range of high-quality CNC-machined rings, which might provide the answer for many to the triple or compact argument.

PMP offers a rare 33t ring for compact road chainsets (110 PCD), both for Shimano and Campagnolo, that might just reduce the gearing enough for many to opt for a compact double set-up instead of the more unsightly and weightier triple.

Many other unusual sizes are available too, including a 49t outer ring for compact road, which is the recommended partner for the 33t inner in order to maintain the size difference within the maximum recommended 16 teeth.

Price for a 33t is £27.50 with outer rings from £39.50, in polished anodised silver only.

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