POC Tempor TT Helmet

If there was one thing that stood out at yesterday's Olympic Time Trial, bar our amazing gold medal performance, it was the Swedish team's time trial helmet.

Responsible for the unique-looking aero lid is Swedish brand POC. Best know for extreme sports safety equipment, this is POC's first foray into the road market.

If you've got the confidence to wear it, the organically shaped Tempor, designed in partnership with Swedish rider Gustav Larsson himself, will allegedly save 32 seconds over 50km on the next fastest aero helmet on the market.

Obviously Gustav, was Sweden's great hope for a medal as he'd collected the silver in Beijing in 2008.

The POC won't be winning any beauty contests

Cycling Weekly was lucky enough to be shown the helmet the day before the event so we've created a gallery to give you a better idea of its flowing lines.

Available this autumn in neon orange means it isn't for the faint hearted, but then again neither is the £315 price tag.

Contact: 2 Pure

Designed alongside Sweden's hopeful Gustav Larsson

The fastest helmet on the market?

Vents to allow airflow in and out

Swedish team rider in action