Price reductions for Vittoria tyres in 2017

The Italian tyre maker has announced that it is looking to align its prices globally and reduce prices overall in 2017

Vittoria has announced the 2017 price list for its tyre range. It’s also looked to reduce the prices it charges across its tyre range. Globally, Vittoria produces around seven million bicycle tyres a year, of which 900,000 are high performance cotton and tubular models.

Vittoria makes around 900,000 top-end tyres a year

Vittoria makes around 900,000 top-end tyres a year

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Vittoria describes the current cycle tyre market as “challenging” – a situation in which it says brands will typically compensate for reduced demand by increasing prices. Instead, it’s gone the other way, aiming to stabilise the prices charged globally for its products.

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The brand has also moved to align its prices globally. Willem Campagne, Vittoria’s Group COO says: “A global pricing approach is a key instrument to protect both the independent bicycle dealers and the consumers with the right value for Vittoria products. …This approach protects and supports our bicycle retail partners worldwide, as it reduces the room for price fluctuations significantly”

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Vittoria has invested substantially in its tyre technology in recent years. It spent 45 million Euros and five years to develop its latest graphene-containing premium tyre range. Reduced rolling resistance, better heat dissipation, increased impact resistance and reduced weight are all claimed benefits.

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Many of Vittoria's tyres now incorporate graphene

Many of Vittoria’s tyres now incorporate graphene

The company has also been branching out into graphene containing cycle wheels and a range of other cycle related products. It has also recently announced a partnership to develop e-bike technology.