Will this self-inflating PumpTire inner tube revolutionise cycling?

Valve will be able to regulate tyre pressure while you ride

Forgetting to pump up your tyres before heading out of the front door can have a big impact on your ride, increasing your rolling resistance and therefore reducing your average speed. However having to remember this ritual before every ride could be a thing of the past thanks to a new self-inflating inner tube from PumpTire.

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The bad news is that if you get a puncture, the PumpTire inner tube won’t reinflate in order to get you home without having to reach for your tyre levers and mini pump. Instead this product is designed to maintain a set pressure within the tube over multiple rides where other inner tubes might lose pressure.

The main difference between the PumpTire inner tube and standard tubes is with the valve. The PumpTire features a control system at the valve that only opens when the pressure within the tube is lower than what the desired level, letting air into the system and reinflating the tyre to the desired pressure. And of course, once the desired pressure is reached, the system will close.

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The PumpTire project is only currently at the prototype stage, but the company will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in early 2016. There’s also no firm plan for the retail price just yet, although the current plan is for it to be in the $30-50 (£20-£33) range.