‘The Netflix of sportswear’: what makes this innovative new clothing company so special?

Python Performance aims to blend the supposed benefits of compression clothing and kinesiology tape

If you’re a competitive rider then you will always be looking for something to give you an edge over everyone else, whether that’s to win a race or just to take the sprint for the town sign. The natural places to look might be your bike or your training, but a new British company thinks you should be looking to your clothing instead.

Python Performance’s clothing range has just launched on Kickstarter, and claims to offer performance improvements and injury prevention by combining the supposed benefits of technologies such as compression clothing and kinesiology tape into individual garments.

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Each of the company’s pieces of clothing (tight-fitting tops and bottoms in men’s and women’s fits, so no cycling-specific gear just yet) uses a new ReForm fabric technology, “a unique method of weaving material to deliver pinpoint heat and cooling, pinpoint compression and supportive joint stabilisation in one garment so the wearer feels supported where they need it most”.

Speaking about the idea, Andrew Jones, a YouTube fitness model with a huge following who competed in fitness events without a functioning heart after suffering from heart disease, said that he was surprised that no one had thought of it before.

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“This is the next step in performance sportswear, I’ve never seen clothing like this that incorporates everything an athletic needs. The concept is a no-brainer – I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before! It’s going to be huge, it’s the Netflix of sportswear.”

Python Performance’s Kickstarter page has launched today with a range of different options for backers. Early backers will be able to get individual items for almost half their eventual RRP (with the company hoping to deliver by March 2017) while if you invest in a full outfit then the discounts are even bigger.