Revolutionary stick-on power meter delayed after battery problems

Shipping now scheduled for March, although British riders will have to wait a little longer

It seems like barely a day goes by without the launch of a new power meter, but one of the most eye-catching we’ve come across is the Watteam Powerbeat power meter, which can be used with almost any combination of crank and pedals thanks to its stick-on design.

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This simple design means that it is also relatively cheap at just $499 (UK pricing TBD), although after problems with the integrated rechargeable battery, shipping of the new product has been delayed. However the bad news is that the Powerbeat power meter is currently only available in the USA, so UK riders will have to wait even longer.

watteam powerbeat 2

The Powerbeat is currently compatible with aluminium cranks, with carbon crank compatinility coming soon

The Powerbeat unit consists of two main parts. The most important is the strain gauge which is stuck onto the side of the crank arm, attaching to the transmitter which is screwed onto the pedal axle between the pedal and the crank. This simple attachment means that it should be easy to install, and should require minimal maintenance once attached.

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An added bonus is that because there is a unit for each side of the crankset, Powerbeat will be able to give seperate measurements for your left and right leg power, something more often seen on pricier units such as the Powertap P1 pedals or the Garmin Vector 2 pedals. And as far as accuracy is concerned, Watteam is pretty confident of its product, saying that it tracks very closely to market-leading power meters.

Visit the Watteam website for more details.