Reynolds has previously lacked a disc wheel in its range, so the Element tubular disc is its latest solution to complete the line-up.

Keeping in tune with Reynolds wheels, the disc is produced completely from a unidirectional carbon, sandwiching high-tech micro-cell aerospace foam, which expands within the wheel when the monocoque structure is cured using high temperatures. By using expanding foam during the construction tension is added to the structure, which in turn increases the rigidity of the disc, while still keeping the wheel at a light at 1,100g.

Addressing the valve port problems associated with discs, Reynolds has designed a proprietary carbon valve shroud, moulded into the disc during construction and eliminating the need to use a right-angle valve adapter to inflate the tyre. Adding the valve port during construction also eliminate any weakness at this point, thereby maintaining the wheel?s integrity, stiffness and aerodynamics. The hub is taken care of with a custom Reynolds design.

The Element disc will retail separately for £999, or combine this with the new SDV66 T front wheel to give a combined weight of 1,700g and a price of £1,399. A clincher version will also be available.

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