Ride the Worlds road race course in your own home

Zwift's multiplayer turbo trainer game gives you the chance to ride the Richmond World Championship course

Ever wondered how you match up against the best riders in the world? Now you can find out thanks to Zwift. The main attraction of Zwift is that it allows you to ride with other cyclists all over the word in virtual reality— hopefully making lonely and tedious turbo sessions a thing of the past.

Watch the Zwift turbo trainer game in action

Zwift’s 3D digitial representation of the 16.2km/10mile World Championship road race circuit will be live from September 20th to 27th, the day of the race.

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To the ride the course first you’ll need to download the Zwift software. It is currently available for free as a Bet download to PC and Mac computers.

Once downloaded you’ll need a turbo trainer, ANT+ speed sensor or power meter, and an ANT+ dongle. Zwift takes data from your speed sensor or power meter and puts it into the game. This means you’ll see your progress mirrored on the screen. If you are lucky enough to have a smart turbo trainer you can connect this to Zwift to get an enhanced experience, which includes the resistance adjusting depending on the terrain.

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If you fancy finding out how tough the World Championship circuit’s multiple corners, punchy climbs and cobbled sections are then it might be worth giving Zwift a try.

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