Sabbath – 2012 Silk Road

The Silk Road was introduced back in 2006 and since then Sabbath has made some very small tweaks to the frame, until now.

Its undergone an overhaul for 2012 yet keeps the ‘sportive’ market at its core – it still aims to have the lightness and responsiveness of a full-on racing frame but the comfort for all day riding. The changes to the 2012 Silk Road effectively see a merger between the Silk Road and Alp models (with a discontinuation of the later), plus with the addition of one or two other details potentially make this an even more desirable purchase.

Reworked for 2012

The new model still uses the 3AL/2.5V titanium alloy tubeset, but it’s been completely re-worked. Previously straight gauge, the tubes are now double butted. A bi-axial oversized down tube is said to increase lateral stiffness and a slightly ovalised top tube aims to improve comfort and eliminate road buzz. In fact all the changes have been made to improve rider comfort. Even the discreetly mounted Mudguard eyelets on the inside of the seat stays enable a mudguard to be fitted with a 23 or at a push 25c tyre, vastly improving comfort on a wet ride and a replaceable drop out for the rear mech is a no-brainer amendment. All of this adds up, or down to a weight saving or 150g for a given size in the old Silk Road, a size 54cm (small) now weighs in at approximately 1,300g. Frame-only price tag is £1,250, a Chris King headset and carbon fork pushes this up to £1,399.

An extra £200 gets you a custom frame
Contact: Sabbath Bicycles

Sabbath who?
A niche British titanium frame builder since 2006, Sabbath has already carved a name for itself in producing well-regarded frames. Believing that your bike should be an extension of yourself, Sabbath offer not only five off-the-shelf sizes and a custom-fit frame option too. Getting a frame built specifically for you is going to add in the region of £200 to the bill, but is the crème de la crème and with the longevity properties of titanium it’s not something you’ll have to undertake often.

Replaceable rear dropouts