Six hidden gems at the London Bike Show

We’ve scouted out the not-so-obvious around the London Bike Show

You can get a bit mesmerised by the sheer scale of the London Bike Show, with multiple aisles running the length of the ExCel exhibition hall. And even getting from one end to the other can seem a bit of a trek. So here are our highlights of what we found lurking in the less frequented corners of the show.

Biotic Bikes makes its frame out of bamboo joined with carbon fibre

Biotic Bikes makes its frame tubes of cured bamboo and wraps the joints with carbon fibre. It says that bamboo gives very good shock absorption and its frame weighs about the same as a good quality steel machine.

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Manhattan Portage's saddlepack is waterproof and reflective

Manhattan Portage seems to have a bag for the urban cyclist’s every possible need, from huge load luggers downwards. We rather liked its bijou saddle pack with a reflective waterproof zipper.

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Turbocharge your Brompton with a power tool battery

To give your Brompton a bit more zip as you head into the office, ARCC Innovations has put an electric motor in its front hub. It’s powered by a removable Bosch power tool battery pack – a quick and inexpensive solution that can be taken off to let you ride an almost-standard machine when you’re feeling less need for a push.

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Islabikes aims to rethink bike use and reuse with its Imagine project

Islabikes’ Imagine project aims to produce a bike which can be returned and reused, with its components reusable and fully recyclable at end of life. Its prototype bike is made of Sheffield stainless steel so there’s no need for paint and includes pedals made of rice husks. Islabikes says it still hasn’t found sustainable solutions for tyres and lights though.

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Protect your floors and walls with Velosock's skulls

If you’re forever getting oil and muck on your new rug when your pride and joy comes in to sit against the bedroom wall, then Velosock’s bike cover may be your thing. It slips over your wheels and keeps your bike off the Persian carpet. It comes in a range of designs including these skulls.

TrueStart gives you an espresso hit with your energy bar

The coffee stop is part of the ritual of a recreational ride, but Bristol based TrueStart has taken coffee replenishment en route a step further by incorporating a healthy slug of espresso in its Hero bars. They come with additional flavours like beetroot and cherry built in. This may make café stops redundant.