Still time to support Barfly’s Airlever on Kickstarter

New tool from company best known for its computer mounts combines tyre levers and inflator

What do you need to fix a flat? New tube, tyre levers and an inflator. Barfly’s latest product idea combines the last two of these and is looking for funding via Kickstarter.

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Barfly says that the idea for the Air Lever was born after spending 20 minutes on the side of the road in a freezing rain storm, struggling with a mini pump and unable to find tire levers to aid in the tube repair.

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Pocket-sized, the Airlever weighs under 50 grams

It’s a combined tyre lever and CO2 inflator (you’ll need to carry a threaded CO2 cartridge too, of course). Being light and keeping these two essentials together, it’s easier to carry and reduces the chance of one or other going missing.

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The lever-inflator combo comes with a second lever (without the inflator) to make sure that you can get the tyre’s bead off the rim. Barfly says that the whole package comes in at less than 50 grams.

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The inflator head is presta and Schrader compatible and will take any threaded CO2 cartridge. With the plastic tyre lever built in, this can also act as an insulator so that you don’t get frostbite from the rapidly-cooling cartridge during inflation. Barfly says that twisting the cartridge also controls the rate of inflation.

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The company says that it’s had the Air Lever in development, prototyping and testing for over two years and that it’s made of high quality plastic and aluminium. It’s has a record of successful launches over the last five years, bringing almost 100 cycling products to marketand is best known for its cycling computer mounts.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Airlever closes tomorrow and its $15,000 goal is already overfunded. Pledges start at $29, earning you an Airlever set.