Stingray, the bike light with a built-in alarm, looks for backers

Looking for crowdfunding via Indiegogo, the Stingray light includes a 140 decibel antitheft alarm

After having his bikes stolen three times, Obaidah Sheikh decided to do something about it. The Stingray light includes a motion sensitive alarm system. The electronics mean that it’s not triggered by the odd jolt, but when armed a larger movement will trigger the in-built 140 decibel siren. Bouh, the company behind the light says that’s as much as a fire engine’s siren stuck on the bars and aiming at the potential thief. Bouh says that the battery life in alarm-only mode is seven days.

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Stingray includes a remote panic alarm in case you see a thief at work on your bike

Stingray includes a remote panic alarm in case you see a thief at work on your bike

The light is designed to clamp around oversize handlebars, although there will be shims available to fit other sizes. When not alarmed, the light clips on and off, so you can cart it around with you. But set the alarm and the clamp locks so that the light cannot be removed.

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The unit comes with a small remote control too, so that you can lock and unlock it remotely. There’s also a panic button built into the remote which sets the alarm off and locks the light to the bike if you spot the thief in action.

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Apart from that, there’s a 300 lumen urban cycle light with an oval beam pattern, five lighting modes and a rechargeable battery. On top power, it lasts two hours, while the low power 50 lumen constant and the 200 lumen flashing modes keep going for up to ten hours. There’s also a 150 lumen constant mode and a 150 lumen with overlaid flash mode, both good for five hours.

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Bouh is looking for £50,000 to develop its light, with units priced from £50 to £65 plus shipping. The Indiegogo campaign goes live on 10 October with delivery of complete lights planned for October 2017.