Sufferfest updates app to make your suffering more efficient than ever

App update will include live feedback of how you're session's going

After bringing out three new videos last month, the minions who work for the Sufferfest have been busy preparing an update to the training video’s companion app which will be released next week.

The app, which is available on iOS devices, will have special graphics, meaning that you’ll be shown the current and target values for heart rate, power and cadence at the top of the screen, with the colours of these numbers changing depending on whether you are hitting or falling short of that target.

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At the bottom of the screen you will see an overview of the session as a whole, showing how you’ve done so far, and how much agony you’ve still got to go.

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As an added bonus, the app will now be compatible with the latest smart trainers, such as the Wahoo Kickr and the Tacx Neo Smart. This means that it will be able to adjust the resistance of the trainer to make sure it reflects what’s going on in the video, helping you to always hit those targets.

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The app will remain free to download, but don’t think you’re getting all those hours in the pain cave for free. Instead there is a $9.99 (£6.72) monthly subscription fee, which will let you not only stream the videos through the internet, but also cache them for offline use