Thief-proof bike designed by Chilean students (video)

The 'Yerka' bike uses the bike's lower frame and seat post to secure it from thieves.

A bike that cannot be stolen sounds like pure fantasy, but Chilean engineering students believe they’ve come up with one that is thief-proof.

The ‘Yerka’ follows in the footsteps of the ‘Seatylock’ and ‘Denny’ bikes designed in America to be secured using parts of the bike’s body as locks.

Cristobal Cabello, Andres Roi Eggers and Juan Jose Monsalve’s design revolves around the bike’s lower frame opening up and being secured around a post using the seatpost.

“Our motto is: ‘A bike that gets stolen is no longer a bike’. What we have here is truly an unstealable bike,” said Cabello

The use of bikes among Chileans has reportedly doubled in the past five years, according to researchers at Santiago’s Andres Bello University, with commuters in the country switching from cars to bikes.

The trio are now looking for a partner to invest the $300,000 (£190,000) required to produce 1,000 bikes to be sold in 2015 and hope to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign.

Source: The Scotsman