A quick-release skewer has, above all, got to hold the wheel in securely and rigidly.

Hope?s is streets ahead here with a sturdy design and plenty to grab on to for easy operation. The brass bushing that the cam closes against adds weight, as does a stainless steel shaft, but the operation is faultless.

The Enigma skewers are incredibly light, at 43g, lighter than the USE Spin Stix, but we found the design was not confidence-inspiring. There is a fine line between loose and over-tight, heightened by the lack of a bushing, causing the alloy surfaces of the cam to bind against each other. If you are not careful, over-tightening can damage these mating surfaces and permanently impair the function.

USE?s Spin Stix simply twist to tighten, instead of using a cam. They have a double thread pitch on the titanium shaft to reduce how much turning is required, and are quite effective as well as being very light at just 58g a pair. Problems arise with this closure on some frame or fork designs where there is no room to turn them freely, which makes it fiddly to get them to work well.

If it?s purely weight saving then the Enigmas are one of the lightest available, but unlikely to stand up to much abuse if you take your wheels out regularly. The Spin Stix are great if the application suits, but we really rate the Hopes, especially in an area where it is dubious to choose weight over function.

USE Titanium Spin Stix £40 58g pair
Contact: Ultimate Sports Engineering 01798 344477, www.use1.com

Hope Technology £24.99 121g pair
Contact: Hope Technology 01282 851200, www.hopetech.com

Enigma Titanium £49.99 43g pair
Contact: Enigma Bikes 0870 874 6975, www.enigmabikes.com