First to go under the spotlight was the Trek. Set-up and calibration were child?s play ? a simple set of instructions meant I was on the road in no time. On-the-bike use was just as easy, the large speed readout plus easily scrollable secondary displays giving a good selection of information.

The futuristic looking Blackburn was simple to set up, with an easy-to-follow instruction manual supplied. Although it had the largest display of the three, it was also the busiest, simultaneously displaying three different readings. Rear-wheel sensor and cadence make this good for turbo trainer use.

Again, simple set-up from the Pro, although the smaller display was noticeable. The one-button operation took a little more time to get used to than the others, but a real bargain for those unsure whether they would use a computer.

Simplicity wins in this test and the Trek proved to be the simplest and most user-friendly. The Blackburn and Pro were both close behind and it is hard to fault either as they have their strong points too. With budget computers this good, there is no excuse not to have one and keep track of your riding.

Blackburn Delphi 3.0 £29.99
Contact: or Madison

Pro Digi-x8 £16.99
Contact: Madison

Trek Incite 8i (wireless) £24.99
Contact: Trek