A bottle cage has a simple job description; store bottle securely and provide easy access, both in and out. With countless styles to choose from, here are three carbon examples.

Fitting bottle cages is sometimes fiddly. Both Token and Boardman use a neat idea, where you can screw the bolts into the frame without the cage, then place it under the top of the bolt heads before nipping the bolts up fully.

A large opening created by the ?wing? shape of the 4ZA gives easy access, especially as the wings are flexible. It is ideal if space is tight on small frames, but it?s also easy to lose a bottle if it is not fully located.

By contrast, Token?s robust design grips the bottle strongly, without much flex, but makes it tricky to get the bottle in.

The Boardman shape grips nicely, and a forward extending piece guides the bottle in. It also gives more support to stop a full bottle from rattling out. The Boardman is also the lightest so there is no weight penalty for this extra piece.

Credit must go to Boardman for the best cage ? it?s light, clings to the bottle well and comes with two titanium bolts. 4ZA isn?t secure enough with a full bottle over rough roads, and this Token version, while good, just doesn?t have the ease of access to match the best.

Boardman Carbon Cage
25g, £29.99
Contact: Halfords Bikehut Stores, www.halfords.com

4ZA Wing Cage
31g, £29.99
Contact: Zyro 01845 521700, www.zyro.co.uk

Token Series Mono-Q
33g, £24.99
Contact: Jim Walker 0870 7528777, www.jimwalker.co.uk