IF you?ve ridden for longer than a couple of hours, there?s a good chance that you?ve experienced some chafing ?downstairs?. Reducing friction between skin and chamois is the way around the problem. Here we look at three options.

Assos?s Crème has been around for years. The menthol can feel odd at first, leaving the skin feeling cold, but the gloopy consistency ensures it stays in place. Ozone?s cream is not as thick, and has no minty cooling effect, but you do slide around in your chamois at first, which shows the reduced friction. Sadly, the effect is not as long lasting as Assos?s, or that from new guys, Udderly Smooth.

From the name you may guess this is not a specific product, but endurance cyclists have sworn by the udder cream for years, and now it?s being directly marketed. Thinner than either (with a consistency like Nivea), it?s incredibly effective, and surprisingly long lasting.


Ozone?s protection cream is fine for shorter events, but the Assos easily outperforms it, reducing friction for hours longer. It?s worth noting, though, that the menthol can irritate any reddened skin. Udderly Smooth is great value, very effective, but it can be more difficult to get hold of. That said, it?s worth the hunting.

Udderly Smooth £1.99

2oz (56ml)


Contact: 0845 201 1245,

CW rating: 8/10

Elite Ozone Protective Chamois Cream £11.95

150ml (7.96p/ml)


CW rating: 6/10

Assos Chamois Crème £9.99

140ml (7.13p/ml)

Contact: Yellow Ltd

01785 811810

CW rating: 8/10