Linebreak tights are double-stitched and fit closely around the muscles with good elasticity. The elastic waist strap is also a nice touch, not being obtrusive if worn as an undergarment. Multiple washes have seen them retain their fit.

Canterbury?s tights again are double stitched and, they are the best looking. In comparison with the Linebreaks, the medium size was not quite as supportive, but a benefit was felt nevertheless.

Made from medical-grade Lycra yarn stitched in a circular construction, the 2XU tights gave the most support to the muscles. A drawstring and elastic waist ensure a good fit. After a few washes the silver graphics are breaking up but fit is still excellent.


It’s hard to quantify the gains that the tights offer, and whether one is better at assisting recovery than the other, due to associated factors such as diet and the training itself, but all helped reduce recovery time and soreness.

When it comes to fit, the 2XU is excellent, along with the Linebreak, while the Canterburys offered slightly less support than the others.

Linebreak Velocity tights

S-XXL £39.99


Canterbury baselayer compression leggings

S-XXL £34.99


2XU high performance compression tights

XS-XXL £55


test compression tights