All three shoes tested have Gore-Tex lining and a certain amount of insulation, aimed at protecting the feet from the worst of winter.

The Shimano and Sidi have neoprene cuffs that helped to prevent the ingress of water more than the raised ankle cuff of the Northwave, which wasn?t as flush. The two-strap closure on the Shimano was a little lacking, although for general winter riding this might not be an issue.

All three have a Nylon sole, though both the Shimano and Northwave are carbon reinforced. The Sidi has the Millennium 2 sole, which has drillings for three-bolt shoe plates as well as two-bolt SPD style fixtures, unlike the others that only have three-bolt fixtures.

The Northwave shoe was the only one that seemed to have been designed totally from scratch as a winter boot. A flush front cover ensures that rain and snow is easily removed and does not get into the fasteners. This, combined with an innovative drawstring closure, set the shoe apart from the rest.

With its variety of shoe plate fixtures, the Sidi might prove to be the better choice for non-users of Look fixture pedals. All three of the shoes tested were more than suitable for winter riding, although Northwave had a slight edge due to its better thought-out design.

Sidi Hydro GTX 2007 £150
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Shimano SH-RW02 £99.99
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Northwave Fahrenheit CR GTX £99.99
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