Trotify makes your bike sound like a galloping horse (video)

Trotify is a wooden mechanical device that sits on top of your front wheel. It features coconuts which 'clop' and sound like a horse when you move

Before you read any further, this is not the April 1st. The makers of Trotify question, “Why the long face? Do you have the need for steed?” The idea is that you can make your bike sound like a galloping horse by attaching their simple contraption to the front brake. The kit comes in flat pack form and requires you to find an appropriate coconut.

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A flat pack construction and coconuts attaches to the front brake.

A flat pack construction and coconuts attaches to the front brake.

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The big advantages are that no shovel, stable or mucking out is required. With a little imagination, the device could be the closest many people get to riding a real horse. The Trotify will no doubt prove popular with fans of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but is also useful alternative to a bell for telling pedestrians that you are coming. To see the contraption in action, you can watch the video below!

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It is clear from the below video that the makers have a sense of humour and the product is intended to make people smile. A video showing people’s first impressions and reaction the Trotify suggests that other road users react positively towards it. One user said “when you are negotiating pedestrians in a busy place, they have a much more positive reaction towards you.”

If you want to buy Trotify (and quite frankly, why wouldn’t you?!) the designers are waiting for a 1,000 unit minimum order before going into production. It is expected that the units would ship around March of next year and cost around £20. Trotify is potentially a great gift for children, commuters with a sense of humour or for budding equestrians on a tight budget.