Visijax: the jacket that indicates for you in the dark (video)

High-visibility clothing with built-in LEDs means you will never leave your lights at home again

Words by Rob McCallum

There has been a surge of wearable technology recently with Lumo launching  a Kickstarter campaign for its LED clothing in December and the Recon Jet computerised glasses with heads up display that are due to launch early this year. But these new Visijax jackets do something we have not seen before by indicating when you raise your right or left arm.

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The Visijax Commuter Jacket has 23 built in LED lights for safer cycling

There are three products in the second generation of Visijax wearable LED clothing. The first in the range is the Commuter Jacket (£99.99), which has 23 LEDs across the front and back, but the most interesting addition is those built into the sleeves.

The jacket is made from a waterproof and breathable fabric, is USB rechargeable (a full charge lasting for 30 hours) and is fully machine washable without having to remove the lights.


The USB rechargeable batteries last 30 hours mean you will never be left in the dark

You can also buy the Highlight Jacket (£79.99), which is the same as the Commuter Jacket but without the turn-signalling indicators and the LED Sports Belt (£24.99)

Visijax was awarded the 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree for the Commuter jacket. You can buy the jackets from the Visijax website. The Lumo Kickstarter ends next week, you can find it here.