Tyre manufacturer Vittoria to venture into e-bike tech with startup Zehus

Italian manufacturer has announced its partnership to develop e-bikes technology

The Italian wheel and tyre manufacturer Vittoria has announced a partnership with the Milan-based startup Zehus for the development of e-bikes technology.

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Zehus has got a direct connection to the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) and its main product – BIKE+ all-in-one – consists of a bundling motor, electronics, sensors and batteries placed in the rear hub. It’s basically an e-bike with a battery that does not need to be recharged.


A particular of Zehus system in a rear hub. Credit: Barbara Montrasio, Zehus Human+ Facebook page

The system is also connected to the cloud via Bluetooth and gives the user details of the energy consumed and generated. The further Human Electric Hybrid system optimises the energy during the ride and is made to remove the need to recharge batteries.

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The company that will result from the merging of Vittoria and Zehus will be called VZ Industries LTD and it will be based in Taiwan. The first Zehus hubs will leave the production line in September 2016.


Zehus’ all-in-one system that goes in the rear hub

“Rather than simply a plug-powered recharging mechanism,” Rudie Campagne, Chairman and President of Vittoria, says in a press release, “humans will need to use and recharge energy as they ride, for the most eco-friendly solution.”

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Together with Zehus, Vittoria will develop a new kind of “smart wheel system”, which will be consist of the Zehus all-in-one system built into a Vittoria wheel and Graphene tyre. The system will be available both for installation on consumers bicycles and for assembly lines of bicycle manufacturers.

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Vittoria in recent years has developed, more than any other brands, the use of pristine Graphene (a particular kind of carbon) as component for its tyres, and it is defying itself as a “high-tech innovation company.”