Vulpine releases new set of all-purpose cycling jeans

British cycling apparel company launch the 'Jinzu Raw Selvedge Cycling Jeans', designed for heavy commuting and urban riding

Vulpine, a British cycling clothing company, has launched a new set of stylish cycling jeans, dubbed the ‘Jinzu Raw Selvedge.’

The jeans are designed to comfortable on the bike, specifically for urban riding or commuting (we can’t see many people riding a time trial in these), and are cut long at the back for what the company calls ‘easy-sit-down-wear’, so their shouldn’t be any bums on show with these.


The name comes from where the fabric of the trousers is sourced, the Jinzu River in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, which means its top notch stuff apparently. Vulpine even says that you shouldn’t wash the jeans for six months, which will help tailor the fit to you. Just don’t get them dirty.

The jeans come in straight cut, with regular 32″ and long 34″ sizes to give room for your cycling mega-quads if you’ve got them, but otherwise these are straight-up, tough old jeans for heavy use.

The jeans currently retail at £179, so you’ll need to dig deep into the pockets of your current pair to get hold of some.


You can find out more about the jeans and Vulpine’s other products by visiting their website.