Would you trust this keyless lock that can be opened with your phone?

You can afford to forget your keys with the Bluetooth-controlled Noke U-Lock

If you’re the sort of person who is more likely to forget their keys than your phone, then this new Bluetooth-controlled U-Lock might be for you, with the ability to lock and unlock it using your smartphone.

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The Noke U-Lock, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, is controlled using the Noke app on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone. All you have to do is pair the phone with the lock through Bluetooth, then whenever you’re within a few feet of the lock it will automatically unlock. And if you’re phone runs out of battery then you can enter a morse-code like password using the lock’s button.

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Aside from using a phone rather than keys to unlock it, the Noke U-Lock has a few other features up its sleeve. One of the best is the skrieking alarm, which is activated whenever the lock is shaken for more than three seconds, hopefully scaring off anyone trying to nick your bike. The lock also features GPS tracking, so if you’re particularly absent-minded and have forgetten where you’ve left your bike, then it can be found.

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There’s no UK price just yet, but the US price is $109 so we’d expect it to be available across this side of the pond for about £75 plus shipping. Noke says that it expects the U-Lock to be ready to go and sent out to customers from March.

Visit the Noke website for more details.

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