Wouter Weylandt Benefit Tee Shirt and more

The tragic death of Wouter Weylandt and subsequent setting-up by Team Leopard-Trek of a fund for his partner and unborn child has motivated a benefit tee shirt to be designed for cyclists in his honour.

USA mail-order cycling tee shirt printer Stomach of Anger was pushed into action when the owners saw the fund-raising Facebook page set up by Leopard-Trek and the moving race-number road-side tribute paid by Giro d’Italia cycling fans on Stage 4 last Tuesday.

They are now taking orders for a high-quality one-off black tee printed with Wouter Weylandt’s ‘108’ race number. At $20 each, the shirts can be ordered from now through to the last day of the Giro on Sunday 29th May, at which point there will be one printing run, the tees will be shipped out and the total profits estimated at $12-15 per shirt will be donated to the Leopard-Trek fund.

Wouter-Weylandt-108-Tee.jpgFor UK customers, there will be a $14.85 USPS Priority Mail charge. Altogether we make it that should come to just under £19.

Needless to say, for anyone who just wants to make a donation, the bank details for the Leopard-Trek Wouter Weylandt fund are also below.

Details:  stomachofanger.com

Details:  Leopard-Trek on facebook.com   

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Limited Edition Wilier Zero 7 frame
The Italian carbon maestros at Wilier are producing a new ‘lightest ever’ frame model at under 800 grams. The intention for a short production run this summer is to trial a number of radical features, all with the goal of making the new frame not just light but also stiff and resilient with exceptional damping characteristics for comfort.

The carbon fibre frame uses the same ZnO technology and 60 ton-Mitsubishi carbon material as Wilier’s Cento1 Superleggera along with a new so-called Special Elastic Infiltration (SEI) Film process. Wilier are obviously not saying what they’re sandwiching within the carbon-fibre lay-up but the result is that the new frame, despite the lower weight, has 35% better impact strength and 12% more ability to flex before breaking.

Another new feature is a bottom-bracket design called BB386 EVO which has been designed by crank-maker FSA to combine the best characteristics of the current conflicting bottom bracket standards in the hope that one ‘open’ standard will work for everyone.

In essence, you get a 30mm diameter crank axle with bearings fitting inside a 86.5mm wide bottom bracket shell. One thing FSA are excited about with their new standard is that it will fit in a traditional threaded 68mm bb shell but it remains to be seen how this goes down with the manufacturers like Cannondale who have invested blood, sweat and tears in ‘their’ BB30 system. So far Wilier is the second company to dip a toe after the Spanish bike company BH.

The bad news is that the new Zero 7 frame, in this initial limited edition guise anyway, will only be available built up with the new 550 gram FSA BB386 crankset, Campagnolo Super Record drivetrain and Bora wheels for an estimated £8,250. Wilier will neatly sidestep the UCI 6.8 Kg weight limit issue by simply not supplying it to the Lampre-ISD professional team that would normally ride such a range-topping model.

Details:  wilier.it



3T Mercurio 60 LTD wheelset
When we first met 3T’s then new ex-Ferrari F1 carbon engineer Richard McAinsh at last year’s Eurobike, he hinted that lots of things were in the works for his new Italian employer but we didn’t anticipate wheels. Details, especially including UK pricing, are sketchy at present but at a presentation to celebrate 3T’s 50th Anniversary just before the start of the Giro d’Italia McAinsh showed Cycling Weekly the new Mercurio 60 LTD wheels for tubular tyres that are set to start shipping in the next few months.

3t-Mercurio-hub.jpgNew developments are low weight under 1,400 grams, spokes that slot into notches in the carbon rim walls and nipples that adjust at the rather striking-looking hub end. 3T claims better performance across a rider range of wind angles than Zipp’s successful ‘Firecrest’ rim profile as well as clever treatment of the braking tracks for dramatically improved stopping. There will be 40mm and 80mm variants eventually as well as 60mm plus clincher versions called Accelero in carbon, part carbon and all-aluminium next year. More detail in next week’s Cycling Weekly magazine.

Details:  3tcycling.com




Jim Grubb recycled jewellery at Mud Dock
Jim-Grubb-300.jpgAnyone who has been to the award-winning Mud Dock Cycleworks and Cafe in Bristol will see them stocking jewellery made from old bike parts fitting right in with the building’s recycled aesthetic. Ranging in price from £15 – £50, the bracelets, necklaces and ear rings are sourced from designer/maker Jim Grubb in Utah, USA and should suit both boys and girls as long as they share a love of cycling.

Contact:  Mud Dock, Bristol



SRAM Apex group now in white
American component maker SRAM is introducing another new colour element to complement all those to-die-for white frames on the market. After offering flashes of yellow or black detailing on its top-end Red groupset for colour matching fetishists, the well-priced Apex component set is now available with both gear mechanism bodies, the brake calipers, brake lever hoods and gear shift levers in matching pure white.

The extremely wide-ratio rear gear ratios available on Apex have made triple chainsets redundant, according to SRAM; offering less weight and easier front shifting for popularly-priced sportive and touring bikes. The set certainly seems to have been widely adopted by bike manufacturers in its first year and another colour option won’t hurt in a busy market sector where makers sometimes struggle to differentiate their bike models at competitive price points.

Details:  sram.com



Cratoni helmets back in the UK
You expect Cratoni helmets to come from Italy but in fact they’re German; either way, their traditionally quite lairy looks have been unavailable in Britain for a while which is a shame because the range was wide and well-priced and especially strong for mountain biking and downhilling riders.
Cratoni Terron.jpg
Now they’re back in the UK through distributor Hotlines and the hiatus seems to have coincided with something of a realignment towards lighter and better ventilated models for road riding. The lightest model is the 175 gram C-Bolt at £85.99 but inevitably we were drawn to their newest and most expensive model; the Terron, shown right. At £174.99, it is a little heavier at 210g but appears to be more ventilation than helmet, despite conforming to all the CE regulations. We haven’t ridden anything yet, but we’re working on it.

Details:  hotlines-uk.com


Video: SKS factory makes pumps and mudguards. In Germany!
This new but lovely old-school video about the production of SKS mudguards and pumps in Germany perfectly suits the practical and everyday nature of the products it makes. You want to know that the man keeping your bottom dry and your tyres pumped up is serious and tidy and it certainly wouldn’t help to have him shouting at you about features with technical acronyms. They’re our favourite mudguards and now we’re reassured why.


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