Lake CX145 waterproof shoes review

Lake CX145 waterproof cycling shoes
Lake CX145 waterproof shoes
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Two rotating ratchets with nylon cords and a wide toe box ensure a good fit, and a variety of pedal systems are catered for with two and three-bolt fittings. Small sections of tread on the front and back of the nylon soles prevents slipping when walking.

  • +

    Keeps out water well

  • +

    Keeps your feet warm

  • -

    Not much

We couldn’t have hoped for a more suitable test environment for Lake’s CX145 waterproof cycling shoes than we’ve had this winter.

Riding through large puddles and flooded roads normally ensures freezing cold water seeps into the crevices of most cycling shoes, even when matched to overshoes.

The waxed canvas, leather and neoprene-like material used in the CX145 uppers both shrugs off water and maintains foot temperature at a comfortable level even when it’s icy.