Chris king Cielo Sportif

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  • Hand-built quality
  • Comfy ride characteristics
  • Great looking


  • Steel may not appeal to everyone

Price as reviewed:


  • If someone mentions Chris King you immediately think headsets and hubs, but turn the clock back and King’s early passion was for framebuilding.

    The Cielo Sportif is a hand-built, modern version of a timeless collectible; constructed in True Temper OX Platinum tubing, TIG welded into classic, Henry James lugs, with special attention in detailed cut-outs.

    Fully polished and engraved stainless-steel front and rear dropouts, and a custom-machined stainless fork crown are further evidence of a bike steeped in tradition but made in modern times. Uniquely, thanks to King’s headset expertise, the traditional lugged 1in head tube is paired with a 1 1/8in fork steerer, again, classic looks with modern function.

    The ride is stiffer than you’d expect from a skinny-tubed steel frame, but there’s plenty of feedback to provide confident handling, and although you’re definitely still feeling the bumps, it’s more a dull thud than a sharp prick and far less tiresome over a long ride.


    It's not likely to replace your best race bike, but it would be a dream to own one to wheel out of the shed on those special days when you just want to enjoy being a bike rider again. Price to be confirmed


    Supplier: Evolution Imports 0208 2900807
    Weight: 20.4lb 9.3kg
    Size Tested: 55cm
    Size Range: 49-62cm in 1cm increments
    Group Set: SRAM Rival
    Frame: True Temper OX Platinum steel