Raleigh AirLite 400

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  • Some Shimano 105


  • Not not so great components to help pay for the 105 parts
  • Slack geometry

Price as reviewed:


  • In giving the AirLite 400 Shimano 105 mechs and shifters, it appears Raleigh is playing the sly hand of up-speccing parts for showroom magpies.

    It’s great to offer 105 kit at this price but of course we noticed the cheap Tektro brakes, R600 chainset, low-end wheels and unspectacular finishing kit compared with others too.

    A better strategy would have been to use Tiagra throughout, which has proven itself on other bikes here.


    The geometry is quite slack and delivers a comfortable, stable ride, but with some odd handling characteristics. Out of the saddle, steering felt strange, probably because of the additional fork rake Raleigh has opted for.


    Group Set: Shimano 105/R600/Tektro brakes
    Frame: 6061 butted alloy
    Tyres: Schwalbe Durano
    Weight: 9.32kg (20.08lb)
    Wheels: Shimano R500
    Supplier: www.raleigh.co.uk