Amazon Prime Day: Best indoor trainer fans

Keep cool with the Kickr Headwind and fan alternatives

Indoor training cycling fans
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Specialty indoor cycling fans like the KICKR Headwind are great for elevating your indoor riding experience. It adjusts automatically based on your heart rate or speed, and can be operated remotely.

However, even with the Amazon Prime Day sale, the KICKR Headwind unit is still $239.99 (opens in new tab) or £229.99, which ain't cheap.

So, for those who don’t spend enough time on the indoor trainer to justify such a price tag or simply aren’t willing to shell out that much for a fan, we found some alternatives for you, all of which are currently on sale.  

Do I even need a fan?

Yes. During exercise your body accumulates heat. And while the body has an incredible ability to naturally dissipate this heat through sweating (and evaporation), air flow helps it cool down quicker. When riding indoors with limited airflow, the lack of that natural cooling effect can not only impact your ability to perform well, it could lead to heat exhaustion. 

What to look for in a fan

  • Size and placement: most of us only have limited work out space, and so the size and placement (I.e: floor, wall mounted, stand) of the fan becomes a consideration.
  • Airflow: Flow rate is measured in Cubic feet per minute (CFM) and tells you the volume of air a fan moves in one minute. The higher the CFM, the more powerful the airflow. For exercising indoors, we’re looking for a bit more than a gentle breeze.
  • Adjustability: Does the head pivot so that it will face your overheating upper body and head?
  • Noise: For your own ride enjoyment and the consideration of those in your surroundings, less is more. 

Best Trainer Fan with Remote Control

$99.99 (opens in new tab)

Vacmaster AM201R Portable Air Mover with Remote Control

$99.99 $76.04 at Amazon US (opens in new tab)

Made for gym use in mind, the Vacmaster AM201R Air Mover is designed to enhance your workout sessions with powerful airflow (airspeeds of up to 32 mph), pivoting head unit for targeted airflow, three speeds, and best of all: a remote control that straps onto your handlebars. It also has a relatively low operating noise of 61dB(a) so it won’t interrupt your music, race commentary or Netflix audio. 

Best affordable fan to get the job done

$19.99 (opens in new tab)

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce

$19.99 $16.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab) 

 £25.00 £22.99 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Cheap and small yet dependable, portable and quiet. The size and 19-degree pivoting head unit means you can place them on the ground, on a side table or on your computer stand. It has a CFM of just under 200, three speeds and low energy cost.

Heck, for this price, you can buy two of these and place them on either side of you to cool down your upper body.

Best big volume fan with mount option

$89.99 (opens in new tab)

Lasko 20" High Velocity Quick Mount

$89.99 $59.98 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

This 20” fan delivers some serious airflow: 3460 CFM on high. Even the lowest of the three settings still delivers 3160 CFMs. This fan is also highly versatile. It’s got a QuickMount for easy conversion from floor fan to a wall mounted fan and back again.

With the included bracket you can hang the fan on a wall to cool down the whole room, and take it down and put it in front of you for direct air flow during a specific workout. 

It’s also got a pivoting head, durable metal construction, front facing manual controls and three speeds.

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