The Friday Quiz: Which WorldTour bike brand should you be riding?

We can all dream of owning a WorldTour bike, so this quiz will help you dream about the right one

Many cycling fans spend hours and hours each year watching professional riders turn themselves inside out over cobbles in the Classics, up mountains and, increasingly, through Middle Eastern sandstorms.

Seeing the latest tech innovations – some genius, others seemingly manufacturered simply for the sake of selling a new model – is now part and parcel of the spectacle of watching a pro race, whether at the side of the road or on the television.

As good as many riders are, it’s often not their legs we’re staring at but instead the bikes atop which they ride to Herculean victories.

In a previous edition of the ever popular Friday Cycling Quiz, we asked which type of bike should you own? But this time the quiz takes on a WorldTour focus and we are trying to see which professional bikes best suit our readers.

We haven’t included them all and make no claims about the accuracy of the outcomes, it’s just a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon (or over the weekend if you’re lucky enough to have seen this on Twitter).

Find out which WorldTour bike brand you should be riding below